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Learning Center: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Internet Marketing Resources.

This Glossary is a work in progress and we will add new terms periodically.

Algorithm: The formula that determines how a web page will rank in the search results pages of a search engine.

ALT text: The text that appears when you put your mouse on top of an image or a picture.

Anchor Text: Also known as Link Text, the clickable text of a hyperlink.

Below the fold: Content of a web page that is not seen by the consumer unless the consumer scrolls down.

Blind Traffic: Low quality traffic generated by misleading banners or SPAM.

Browser compatibility: The way of testing a Web page looks and functionality on multiple browsers and comparing them to each other.

Browser: is a program uses to view, surf, download and upload the web pages on the internet. The most common browsers that are being used by internet users are Internet Explorer, Netscape, Fire Fox, and Safari.

Clustering: In search engine search results pages, clustering is limiting each represented website to one or two listings.

Cost Per Click: A price which an advertiser sets for each click that someone makes on a link directing to his or her web site. Also known as CPC.

CPA: Cost Per Action.

CPM: Cost per impressions(Usually 1000 to 10000).

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets.

CTR: Click Through Ratio.

Domain Name: The Electronic address or URL of a particular Web page.

E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce: It means doing business transaction online. In an e-commerce web site visitors can go and buy their products and pay for it with their credit cards. Today, E-commerce has become a very big and complex issue due to privacy rights and fraud as well as the huge amount of money it can generate for some businesses.

IBL: Inbound Link. link that you get from another site to your site.

Outbound Link: A link from a page of your web site to another web site.

PPC: Pay Per Click.

SE: Search engine.

Search Engine Friendly: A web page that obeys the rules and guidelines set by the Search Engines for web page creation.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO: The act of manipulating a web page to improve the visibility on the organic search engine result.

Search Engine: Search Engine is a dynamic web site which searches documents for specified keywords or query and returns a list of the documents that are related to the give keywords. In general, search engine send a spider to get as many documents as possible and they store the information about every web pages on their databases.

SEM: Search engine marketing.

SEO: Search engine optimization.

SEP: Search engine placement.

Title Page: Text that has HTML title tags and is not visible to users.

Traffic: Term used to decribe the number of website's visitors or users.

Web Site Design: The process of arranging and creating a web page that runs on a browser.




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